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Paul Mucur

Tales from a software development consultant.

2018 Yearnotes
Reflecting on the past year, both personally and professionally.
Cross-Compiling Rust for a Raspberry Pi on Travis CI
How to compile binaries from a Rust project that will run on a Raspberry Pi using Travis CI.
What Is a “Successful” Software Development Team?
Thoughts on the difficulty of gauging and improving the success of development teams following Scale Summit 2016.
Data Structures as Functions (or, Implementing Set#to_proc and Hash#to_proc in Ruby)
Experimenting with using hashes and sets as functions in Ruby.
A Summit for Scaling
A summary of my time at 2014’s Scale Summit: a performance and scalability unconference.
Implementing if in Ruby
Using multiple blocks in Ruby to implement Smalltalk-style control flow.
Testing Vim Plugins on Travis CI with RSpec and Vimrunner
How to continuously integrate and test-drive Vim plugin development with the Vimrunner gem.
Naming Dynamically Created iframes
Working around issues with setting iframe names in Internet Explorer.
Managing Web Application Servers with Puppet
A transcript of my August 2011 LRUG presentation regarding configuration management and Puppet.
Combining and Compressing Disqus’ and Google Analytics’ JavaScript
A step-by-step refactoring of Disqus’ and Google Analytics’ JavaScript.
Passing Blocks in Ruby Without &block
Using yield and to avoid unnecessary Proc object creation in Ruby.